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Technical capability and extensive experience in the production of composite materials
Innovative developments in hydrometallurgy
Using the modern technological materials in manufacture
Broad competencies in the part of processing of metals by pressure

a specially developed brand represented by high-quality non-nuclear materials, developed by the “Chepetsky Mechanical Plant”, SC in 2016.

The products line “HighMet” combines technologies that help to solve the main tasks of most industrial companies in general and metallurgical enterprises in particular – how to increase efficiency and reduce production costs.

Manufacture directions

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Manufacture directions

Calcium injection wire (KIP) - the first product released under the brand name "HIGHMET"


In 5 times the expense of calcium is lowered
3-4 times lower consumption
Calcium per tonne of processed steel compared to powdered wire
High Frequency Guarantee
And the refining ability of the filler (electrolytic calcium)
Preservation of steel temperature
With the optimum processing time
Stable specific gravity
calcium in wire
KIP - became a laureate
Competition "100 best goods of Russia"
KIP is used
In the advanced technology of out-of-furnace treatment of liquid steel
KIP can be used
in any steelmaking shop, regardless of the capacity of the ladles
Optimum flow
calcium per ton of steel
Stably high level
assimilation of calcium
Moderate pyroeffect
The minimum duration
of secondary steel treatment
of non-metallic inclusions
metal spillage
Zero growth
of gas impurities
Calcium supplements reduce
The sulfur content is below 0.005%
Providing high quality steel

The supple geography

Chief Executive Officer

Denis Sergeevich

Customer service specialists

specialist in titanium products
Specialist in hafnium, calcium, zirconium products
product sales specialist

Honors and certificates.

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